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AWH Consultancy is ...

a sustainable relation with your account advisor
not a subsidy application factory but a small office with striking power
application only when there is a realistic approval foresight
a specialised ICT subsidy advisor for mid- and large scale enterprises
a transparant and trustfully serviceprovider at a reasonable fee
a counselor with hands on experience
speaks the language from R&D staff to CTO CFO and CEO
all in one service from application till subsidy provider checkups
an advisor with a sustainable relation with approval agencies

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WBSO Wet Bevordering Speur en Ontwikkelingswerk

WBSO stands for the legislation 'law promotion research and development' A tax reduction on the Dutch payrol tax rated by the hours spent of your R&D team. It is an accessible innovation subsidy for Dutch companies. You can only rate for work done within the Netherlands by staff members under the regimen of Dutch Payrol tax. Application approval is measured after the technical construction challenges within your development. WBSO does not ask for uniqueness of your research. Within ICT the approval is only based on coding challenges.

WBSO Services

AWH Consultancy offers a complete service from application to administrative handling. In case of our WBSO service your investment is restricted to two interviews a year in which we discuss progress and prolongation of your projects. We support, if you wish, your administration and tax handling. We support you with the design and report of project- and time-management and act as your point of contact to approval agencies.

WBSO Billing

Our WBSO service contracts are NoCure NoPay. We bill only after approval of your application. Our rate is competitive but we account for our quality and experience. WBSO subsidy is based after the amount of hours invested by your R&D team, where the application has to estimate this in advance. However our rate is always based on the hours you account for after the approval period. We apply a flexible billing regimen in consultation with our customers.

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